Army Boots


A 90 Day, bootcamp-style training program designed to fast track your success and help you grow your account.

All traders lose money

But yet, the top 10% earn BIG money from their wins. What do they do differently? 

When you're working towards building your account, you'll experience growing pains. You feel as if you've hit a brick wall. You're at a loss. Every obstacle you've overcome previously seems to have just been a stroke of luck, as you struggle to find consistency & freedom in your trading. What's preventing you from achieving success?



You struggle to find good trades.

Which direction is the market headed? Why haven't you been able to get a great entry? You have funded your account, you can see price moving, and you are searching for the right trading opportunity. You’ve checked all the boxes and opened your trade, but for some reason, it’s just not going in the right direction.


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You constantly lose money

Your account isn't growing and in fact you are lose money daily.  You have failed funding challenges multiple times. You are constantly in drawdown and looking for the 4-5 figure days that you desire. But what should you do, you win some trades right? Don't you wish you could reverse your BIG LOSSES for BIG WINS?



You feel like that 6 figure account is out of your reach.

You fantasize about making thousands per day from your trading. What do you need to know about trading in order to make 5 figures or more a month? You know it's possible for you, but how do you build the right money management skills to get headed in the right direction?

Your New Instructor

T. L. Turner

I've been in your shoes before.

I've encountered every obstacle a trader can experience.  From blowing a 5 figure account, starting over from scratch, feeling overwhelmed with learning a strategy that works, I've been there. No one sees the hard work and hours you spend learning how to trade successfully. But there's one thing I understand from all of these difficulties that can keep them from happening to you. One major key to growing your account as quickly and consistently as possible. It's the one factor that has contributed to my success, and I'm very excited to share it with you.



Better trades, simple trading.

Building a trading account of your dreams is all it takes to get from where you are now to where you want to be. But it isn't easy.

Imagine being able to travel all the places you've always wanted to go. Consistently profiting and not worrying about drawdown month after month.    Wherever your confidence was previously lacking, it is now sky-high. Flowing in and out of trades with ease, having time and location freedom.   And a trading portfolio that you thought only funding agency could have given you but created by your outstanding trading.   All of this is feasible with better trades, better timing, and an assassin like approach to entering the market.

What You'll Discover


Week 1: Becoming a Novice Trader

See yourself mastering the basics of trading, learning the lingo to build your confidence


Week 2: Psychology: Learning & Unlearning

Build your mindset around trading to become unstoppable in the market, at any time.


Week 3: Visualization Skills to Design Your Life

Create a version of yourself by envisioning your new rich future with generational wealth


Week 4: Money Mindset & Beyond

Thinking right about money, understanding your money blueprint will lead to your success


Week 5: Becoming a Pro Trader

Break down charts with ease and scan for high quality trading opportunities.


Week 6: Design Your Trading Business Plan

Learn the business side of being a pro trader. Know when you will trade and why with confidence and clarity.


Week 7: Interpret Price Action

Decode the language of the market. Read price moves with the simplicity of a Dr. Seuss book.


Week 8: Read Market Structure 

Easily locate pivotal trading levels for finding high profit trading with minimal drawdown


Week 9: Supply and Demand Mastery

Dominate the markets like the BIG BANKS. Spot liquidity grabs like  a Pro. 


Week 10: Entering/Exiting The Market

Finally learn what it takes to get a perfect trade everytime, in any market condition. Sniper entries and exits


Week 11: Trend Trading Beast Mode

Discover our secret weapon to knowing which side of the market is the right side, at all times.


Week 12: Graduation: Demonstrate Your Skills

Complete our 10 trade challenge to show you have what it takes to be a Pro Trader.

Week 1: Beginning As a Novice Trader

Hundreds of traders believe in us

TAKE IT ITS YOURS!> its a beautiful thing to make money whilst you sleep, the other half of my rule is not to jump right back into the market literally directly after closing a trade, there will ALWAYS BE MORE OOPPORTUNITIES IN THE MARKET! :) so Why rush. What do you think about that? and thanks for being a trading mentor, Love that 90% Mental 10% Technical. PEACE AND LOVE, ABUNDANCE MY FELLOW MONEY MAGNETS!!!!


Jonah M.


was able to start up my business back, i was afraid that during this COVID-19 pandemic i would run at lost but trading forex with you as my mentor transformed my life as I'm earning $8000 trading forex weekly. All i can say is you're God sent to my life

Alex W.


been in forex for about 13 months. I have been working hard and I’m just now seeing so much success. Just working on polishing my skills. I appreciate your training. The first one training was great. Now I’m tuned in because this is some premium game you’re sharing. Thank you...

John H.

 This is the Ultimate Trading Bootcamp, you are only 90 days away from learning to trade!

Most people believe that they have to wait years and years before they see the success they desire in trading by treading through the mud. This HIIT (High Intensity Training) style forex training is only for traders that are willing to invest in their future and ready to demand massive results. 

We don't claim that you will become a millionaire overnight, however we do believe that your financial and time investment in the Trading Bootcamp will pay dividends in your trading account. This course was built so that you can avoid the pitfalls and headaches that cause most traders to quit before they reach their goals. 

If you are ready to take your trading account to the next level, become obsessed and commit now. 


Measurable results in just three months

Trading Disclaimer: We are not licensed financial advisors. The information contained in this training is not indicative of future results. Forex Trading carries high risk, we are not responsible or entitled to any gains or losses on your live trading account based on the information contained in the training.